Experts in prepaid programme management

Who we are

Access Prepaid Worldwide is a leading global prepaid programme manager. Companies turn to Access Prepaid Worldwide for our full service offerings and our ability to get to market fast. Backed by over 17 years of global experience, Access Prepaid Worldwide offers a suite of innovative, market-leading solutions. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can work with you to ensure an easy implementation with minimal impact to your business. Our development and management methods are based on industry-leading best practices to ensure that your programme runs efficiently and profitably.

Access Prepaid Worldwide manages prepaid card programmes for thousands of organisations across the globe. Our range of prepaid solutions helps brands to:

  • achieve additional income streams
  • attract new customers
  • increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • reduce the administration costs of handling cash
  • benefit from enhanced audit facilities

Through unique relationships with issuers, processors and with more than 500 prepaid professionals working for us across the globe, we deliver prepaid cards in 24 countries across 6 continents and in 10 different currencies.

Our 17 years of experience in prepaid programme management and ownership by MasterCard® means you can be assured that we will deliver smart and effective card programmes to meet your requirements.

Our prepaid card products

We provide businesses and organisations with a range of prepaid cards for the following two groups:

  • For distribution to customers - Single and multi-currency prepaid travel payment cards with the capability to integrate into existing or new loyalty schemes
  • For members of staff - Prepaid business expenses and payments cards

Our card programme management services

We make it simple for a business to bring its own prepaid card to market or to reduce costs and deliver efficiencies in managing staff expenses and payments.

Access Prepaid Worldwide can manage the entire process so you don’t have to, allowing your business or organisation to focus on your staff, customers and brands.

Customer Driven
Access Prepaid Worldwide understands that no two businesses are the same. That's why we offer a range of prepaid travel card programmes ranging from standard packages to fully customised solutions.

Access Prepaid Worldwide provides business partners around the globe with fully outsourced prepaid card programme management solutions.

Complete Control
Access Prepaid Worldwide utilises both the in-house transaction processing capabilities of MasterCard's IPS platform as well as relationships with third party processors.